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Watch Kenny from Diesel Sales, USA - Supplier   Click Here

"Thank you for your help in locating the part for my Fiat tractor. John Conaty responded yesterday approx 13.00 with photograph and price which was the most reasonable I had seen. Order placed approx 14.30 yesterday and was delivered to me at 11.45 today. A very good service from Conaty re delivery. Must thank UrParts ever so much also. Very pleased all round" 
Tom Flatley, UK - Buyer

"I recently put a request via UrParts for quotation of a final drive for a mini digger. I was thrilled with the service and through this I have been in touch with a great supplier. Their customer service, brand, pricing, help, warranty etc has been fantastic. I am happy with this company and have purchased my final drive from them. I will be recommending UrParts as you are a great company and offer a very handy reliable service.
Hannah Topping, UK - Buyer

“We became aware of  UrParts existence a few years ago and have never looked back since. Requests from qualified buyers arrive frequently.The easy to use system allows us to quote and communicate directly with the customer.Simple but very effective. Its the best money we ever invested on this type of service”
Ara Mansourian, Diesel Parts of America, USA - Supplier

“I made several sales to new customers who were not previously known to me, in particular overseas customers from new markets around the world. The best thing about the system is that I can quote by simply replying to the incoming email so it is very quick. I was so pleased with the results from this service that I signed up for 1 year in advance” 
Dan Cook,  Cook Equipment, USA - Supplier

“I think it’s a good idea that you create this website, it has helped us to find what we need. What more can I say. We purchased parts like gaskets, cylinders, sleeves, glass and others.  I don’t actually remember everything” 
Gediminas Masiulionis,  UAB Sea Ship Services, Lithuania - Buyer

"I find UrParts very easy to use and very affordable. I have been a supplier since 2013, In this time I have met hundreds of new buyers and made many sales. UrParts is very easy to use as all requests are sent to my own email so I can quote any time anywhere" 
Sylwia, House Machinery Parts, Poland - Supplier

“We have been using Urparts since August 2014 Since signing up we receive requests from potential new customers seeking parts from both the US and overseas. We have seen an increase in sales and have found the system very easy to operate.” 
Carlos A. TeranMachinery Parts Warehouse, USA - Supplier

"The system is very easy to use and we only quote for parts that we actually have in stock. We get lots of request from new customers and some customers who already know us are now also using UrParts. It is better than many other sites as they came up with a unique design that works simply for both buyers and suppliers”
Lawrence Barry,  KJ Services Ltd, UK - Supplier

“By using UrParts.com I saved €5,000 on the price of a swing motor for my Cat 330C and the axle I found for my Volvo L150E was less than half the new price. I will definitely use it again in the future” 
Pat Gorey, Arkil Ltd,  Ireland - Buyer

"Hello UrParts. With special efforts and support from Mary-Jane, we not only managed to increment our sales but above all made ourselves known to many prospects all over the world. We had no other means to reach this important group of potentials.  Well done UrParts!"
Will Kessels, Budget Parts, The Netherlands - Supplier

“The UrParts system is so simple to use. The request come straight to my email inbox and I decide if it is something I can help with or not. If we can supply the parts, answering the customer is as easy as replying to the email with the price and availability. The customers we have dealt with so far have been professional and reliable with all parts paid for in advance before they leave our premises.” 
Greg Taylor, Lloyd Ltd, UK - Supplier

"I have been using this site for several months and have submitted many part requests.  I have saved a lot of money on the many parts that I have sourced through UrParts, from companies all over the world.  I am so pleased to have found this site and that is free for me to use."
Annadurai Krishnasamy, Helpdesk Engineering Tanzania Ltd, Tanzania - Buyer

“I just made 1 purchase and already receive it so far, but it’s a wonderful site and with an efficiency that no other site has.”
Roberto Couto, Portugal - Buyer

"Thank you kindly for this site. It is truly a wonderful site to source parts" 
David Hoa, Horksorp Machinery, Papa New Guinea - Buyer

UrParts is definitely the site to log on to for all your purchases needs. I have already made 2 very good contacts thanks to this site and will continue using it for sure!
Stephen Spiteri, Spiteri Plant, Malta - Buyer

Feedback to a Supplier - "Got the parts today for my Bell B25C and put them in. Thanks they looked good. Would buy from your company again.
Chris Winther, C & C Mining, Canada - Buyer

En tant que fournisseur de pièces détachées c’est un moyen rapide et efficace d’être mis en relation avec de nouveaux clients a travers le monde. De plus nous recevons les mails en direct ce qui permet de traiter les demandes tout le temps et n’important où, Avec l’excellente réputation de URPARTS je n’hésite pas a faire moi même des demandes pour acheter des pièces car les fournisseurs son sûres et compétents. De plus toute l’équipe de URPARTS attache une réelle attention a ces clients, on se sent important.
As a supplier of spare parts it is a fast and efficient way to be in relationship with new clients around the world. Moreover we receive mails direct enabling the process of applications all the time and no matter where, With the excellent reputation of URPARTS I do not hesitate to make my own requests to buy parts. As the suppliers are safe and assured. Furthermore the entire team at URPARTS attaches a real attention to these customers and you feel important.
Petit Benjamin, Codimatra, France - Supplier


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